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Professional Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Wetland Scientist/Restoration Ecologist

Karri A. Smith is a Restoration Ecologist/Wetland Scientist and avid Wildlife and Nature Photographer.  Karri’s passion in life is restoring degraded wildlife habitat and photographing the wildlife recolonizing her wetland and stream restoration projects. Her wildife and nature photography is diverse. Her "Coyote in Camouflage" photo was recently a Visual Arts finalist in the 2nd Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize Exhibition which celebrates Great Salt Lake.  

Karri's photography also includes unique images taken during her Galapagos Island and Napo River, Ecuador willdife/nature explorations. She is a dedicated world explorer and loves photographing wildlife of the west coast, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, and wherever else she ventures. 

Karri's Wildlife and Nature PhotoArt is featured as permanent PhotoDecor in the new "state-of-the-art" Park City Medical Center. The Medical Center features nature decor to heal and nurture patients. Karri's wildlife and nature photography was selected exclusively for the new Intensive Care Unit (ICU) wing. Large format photographs displayed as High Definition 3-D metal prints and Giclee canvas prints are featured in the ICU recovery and treatment rooms, ICU admissions foyer, waiting room, and administrative offices.

Karri’s Wildlife PhotoArt is also incorporated into the "Center For Documentary Expression and Arts" travelling “Exhibit that Teaches” by Tillman Crane titled “Reawakening the Jordan River”.

Karri’s Wildlife PhotoArt was also featured at a Terry Tempest Williams book reading and signing event in Park City, Utah for the author’s popular releases “Refuge” and “When Women Were Birds”.

Karri’s Wildlife PhotoArt is featured at fundraising events for non-profit organizations such as the Great Salt Lake Audubon's 100 Year Centennial Celebration. She has been invited to numerous Arts and Crafts Festivals including the Park City Arts Festival, Park Silly Arts and Music Festival, Salt Lake City Farmer's Market, and the Helper Arts and Music Festival.

Karri's Wildlife and Nature Photography is taken "In the Wild".

Life and Color of Nature – Photography in the Wild

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