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On Karri's WildlifePhotoDecor website you can view and purchase Unique Wildlife and Nature Scenes Beautifully Produced as High Quality Framed "Giclee Canvas Reproductions" or
Framed or "Floating Mount" "High Definition 3-Dimensional Metal Reproductions"

To view PhotoArt please select the "ONLINE GALLERY" tab.  Select each photo you are interested in to view a larger image, size and medium availability, and pricing options. 

Framed Giclee Canvas Reproductions and Framed or "Floating Mount" "High Definition 3-Dimensional Metal Reproductions" may be purchased online through a Secure Payment System offered by PayPal. You may purchase items with your PayPal Account or in PayPal you may use your Personal Credit Card
(Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are all Accepted) 

**Please note that  Shipping and Handling is Included in Pricing**

All Images Are Photographed in the Wild by
Wildlife Photographer Karri Smith

Life and Color of Nature – Photography in the Wild

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